Ring Size Chart

LETTERS               NUMBERS                  INNER DIAMETER                   CIRCUMFERENCE

J, K, L                         5                              15.7mm                                  49.3mm

L, M, N                        6                              16.5mm                                  51.8mm

N, O, P                        7                              17.3mm                                 54.4mm

P, Q, R                        8                              18.1mm                                 56.9mm

R, S, T                        9                              18.9mm                                 59.5mm

T, U, V                       10                             19.8mm                                 62.1mm

V, W, X                      11                              20.6mm                                 64.6mm

X, Y, Z                        12                             21.4mm                                 67.2mm

Z, Z+1, Z+2                13                              22.2mm                                 69.7mm

Z+2, Z+3, Z+4            14                              23.0mm                                 72.3mm

Z+4, Z+5, Z+6            15                              23.8mm                                 74.8mm




Firstly it is important to note that different countries have different sizing methods. Most of the world goes by number sizing which is the easiest and most accurate way. England uses letter sizing which most of the jewellery shops in Australia go by. Because we sell our jewellery all over the world, we decided to stick with number sizing.

The most common size for Ladies is a size 7 and for Men it is a size 10. The best way to work out your size, is to measure the inner diameter of one of your own rings. Then look at our chart to see which size has the closest measurements. Another way is to wrap a 5mm wide piece of paper around your finger. Stick the paper together so that you can move it up and down the finger. This is to make sure you can get it past the knuckle. Then take the piece of paper off and measure the inner diameter, to see which of our sizes is closest to those measurements. You will see that it is not a big jump in size from one number to the next, so for example if your ring is a size 9 or 11, then a size 10 will also most likely fit you. Please refer to our ring size chart we have made to help you with sizing.




Yes We do have other sizes in stock. Simply click on our Ladies other Sizes category for Ladies, or our Men's other Sizes category for Men. If you like a particular ring but it's not available in your size, simply email info@australianjewellerysales.com with the Model number of the rings you are interested in and the sizes you would like. These rings can be resized but it is difficult to find a jeweller that will resize gold over other metal products. Also the cost to do this would be more then the price of the ring, so it really would not be worth having them resized.

To find out which of our sizes would best fit you, please click on Ring Size Chart to view our ring size chart.

We also have ring adjusters available ( pictured below ) which helps make the ring a tighter fit if it is too loose on your finger. These ring adjusters are proving to be very handy for people suffering from arthritis or have large knuckles. Once the ring goes on past the knuckle, you can then place one of these ring adjusters on, preventing the ring from turning around on your finger. These ring adjusters can be placed on the finger before or after you have put on the ring. Ring adjusters can also be used for joining rings together, avoiding the high costs involved with soldering rings together. For more info on ring adjusters, or to purchase them for only $1.00 each, please click on the image below.


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